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Promoting businesses without business cards is still not possible despite the popularity of virtual tools used for marketing. Business cards have retained their effectiveness in conveying professionalism and being the most reliable way to create a good first impression that most influences the fate of the business. Business cards lend credibility to businesses, and the quality of cards displays the status of the business. Presenting a business card to a customer helps establish a trustworthy business entity as the information contained in the business card is verifiable.  Leaving a business card with customers helps create a long-lasting impression as the recipient views the card often and can recall the business without any reason. 

Printing business cards might seem quite simple due to their simplistic design and content, but any ordinary printing card will not be enough to provide the value that one expects from it.  Business cards must look attractive so that customers feel interested in looking at the contents and, in the process, gain some insights about the business and its status.  Spending a few seconds glancing through the business card creates the initial connection between the customer and the business, subsequently developing into a business relationship. 

Focus on the best print quality

You must focus on the design as well as the print quality when designing and printing business cards. In addition, the quality of the card contributes to the overall image of the business. Getting your business cards printed from some printing company that deals in wholesale business cards will give you an edge in getting the best quality of business cards that uphold your business in the best light. Presenting a business card to customers and other professionals ensures that it will remind them of your business as long as they preserve the card. 

Display the business status

Business cards reveal many valuable and vital business information like its location and address, the company name and logo, whether it has a separate registered office, the type of industry like pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, cement, computer, IT services, etc. It also identifies the person presenting the card as a representative of the company. Presentation of the business card indicates the intention of engaging in business by disclosing all relevant business identity details that give customers the confidence to deal with some genuine business.  The quality of the business card helps to create the most crucial first impression that paves the way for a long-term relationship.

Establish legitimacy

A business card is a self-disclosure about the business identity and establishes its legitimacy. Since all contact details of the person presenting the card and the corporate contact details are visible and verifiable, it proves to some extent that it is a legitimate business. In addition, it assures customers to know they are dealing with an organization represented by the person who is currently interacting with customers.  The same applies to professionals who use their business cards extensively for networking and a marketing tool to stay in live touch with people. 

More trustworthy entity

Since business cards change hands physically, the person presenting the card is looked upon as an authorized representative of the organization that helps gain customers' trust more easily. Additionally, if needed, customers can verify the details about the business in the presence of the company representative that helps to reinforce confidence and enables better engagement with the business. 

Better customer service

There is a direct connection between business cards and customer service. The physical contact of the company representative who presents the card seems quite reassuring to customers as they look upon the person as the company's face. In case of any problems, they can contact the person and then work up their way through the organization to resolve some issues that they might be facing. Furthermore, the company representative takes the responsibility to address the issue to the customer's satisfaction as it demonstrates his professional competence and improves the business relationship that results in better business returns in the long run.  Overall, there is marked improvement in the customer service due to the involvement of the company representative. They try their best to protect the interest of both parties and create a win-win situation that leads to customer loyalty.

Physical contacts help to create close business relations

Communicating through digital means does not always help close the gaps between customers and businesses effectively. The results are better when communicating physically through a company representative who serves as the first point of contact between customers and the company.  The person who presents the business card is the pointsman trusted by customers as the company's agent who takes responsibility for satisfying customers in the best possible manner. 

The simple business card is a powerhouse of trust that enriches customer experience by bringing them closer to the organization.

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