Fun Ways Fashionistas Spice Up Their Wardrobes without Fast Fashion


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Appearing fashionable does not necessarily mean buying expensive clothes, wearing what's cool this year, having to master complicated styling tricks, or resorting to buying fast fashion, which can negatively impact the environment.  Here are some fun ways fashionistas can spice up their wardrobes without fast fashion.

1) Support the circular fashion industry

Instead of buying, using, and throwing away the clothes you buy, you should support the circular fashion industry. Circular fashion involves keeping clothes in use for as long as you can. You can do this by reusing your existing garments for long periods of time. Or, alternately, rent clothes instead of buying them. Circular fashion is more accessible now, and some businesses offer sustainable clothing for hire that you can rent for one-time use or multiple uses.


2) Accessorize in an intelligent manner

The dullest of clothes can appear vibrant if you accessorize intelligently. Colorful earrings, a long necklace, gloves, hats, or even a vibrant scarf can spice up your wardrobe substantially. Accessories such as these are affordable and help add personality to your wardrobe.


3) Buy eco-friendly shoes to complement your clothes

Shoes that complement your clothes are an essential part of any wardrobe. Opting for eco-friendly shoes will ensure that you do your bit for the sustainable and ethical fashion industry. Not only that, going for the right pair of shoes will help you look great as well! So you get to reduce your environmental footprint and look fashionable while doing so!

4) Restore your old clothes

If you have a piece of clothing that looks worn out, faded, or has a stain, you don't have to discard it. There is a perfect guide on how to clean your old leather jacket. There are many ways to restore your clothes. For example, you can use iron-on patches to cover stains or dye an old t-shirt with a different color. Alterations can often be done with your own hand, and you don't even need to use a sewing machine. The end result will be clothes that look as good as new!

5) Buy clothes made of organic cotton

Did you know that organic cotton uses 62% less energy and 88% less water than conventional cotton? Organic cotton promotes safe work and provides better livelihoods. It reduces environmental impacts at each step of the production process and positively impacts our food system. By buying clothes made of organic cotton, you contribute to sustainable fashion and will look good while you do so.


6) Buy from brands that offer repair and reuse facilities

Brands such as Eileen Fisher offer store credits for you if you return your used garments to them. They promise to reuse items of clothing they get by reworking, repairing, and recycling them. By buying from such brands, you get the best of both worlds by being sustainable and getting credit to buy new clothes!

7) Create a capsule wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe is one when you mix and match essential items to create different looks for yourself. For example, a capsule wardrobe can include a basic T-shirt, denim or white shirt, jeans, a good-looking jacket, and a dress of your choice. You can alternate these items with each other to create a different look each time you step out of your house.

In Summary

You can be sustainable and spice up your wardrobe without resorting to fast fashion. The tips shared in this article show you exactly how to do so.


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