Most Innovate Ways To Store Pictures Forever

Most Innovate Ways To Store Pictures Forever

We all cherish a great photo album, but they can sometimes be damaged by insects, water, and unfortunately, time itself. The new most innovative ways to store pictures forever are by using hard drives, digital frames, clear tape, and document scanning services.


By using a CD or DVD, you allow yourself to have your pictures available for viewing whenever. This is an excellent method to store photographs and share them quickly at any event. For example, birthdays, repasses, and weddings. In addition, you can pop in a DVD and leave it on repeat to share important moments when it matters!

Document Scanning Service

Using a document scanning service, you will be able to upload all your images and documents to a service. Understanding the differences between document scanning vs. imaging will help you ensure your photos get scanned in well. After you do this, you can keep the hard copies of your pictures and have backups that are always available and printed out at any moment.

Using Tape

An inexpensive and innovative way to store pictures forever is by using tape. Taking a clear roll of tape and putting pieces over the image you want to preserve is a sure way to keep a precious memory. For this method to effectively work, put your tape on the surface, pull it, stick the picture on from the bottom, and fold the tape over the remainder of the photo. An excellent tool for success is an old gift or credit card to smooth out any air pockets, and scissors to remove any access tape.

Hard Drive

If you still have videos on your camera or tape, you can get all the files transferred onto a hard drive and view them from any computer at any time. You can purchase them at local technology stores and computer shops. Using a hard drive is the simplest way to keep all your photos, documents, and files together forever. If you don't want to buy a hard drive, you can also invest in a memory card that is smaller and more easily accessible.

Digital Frames

A great way to display pictures forever is by using digital frames! Digital frames are CDs and DVDs, as well as some cloud services put together. These fit into your home perfectly and allow for minimal frames while displaying a variety of pictures.

When thinking of creative ways to eliminate that old dusty album and spiders you cannot categorize, ensure you don't forget one of these five methods. Another great method is laminating and molding photographs into resin-based products for your home!

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