Perfect skin on a photo: how to edit online

There is no one person who has perfect skin for 365 days of the year without a pimple or a blemish. Often there are situations when you have a very important meeting or photo shoot, but of course, on this day your skin tells you «today is not my day». Our editorial team is ready to help you with that: This feature will help you get rid of all the irregularities or rashes on the skin, while your skin stays with a natural glow. Because of the fact that in our diet there are a lot of harmful products, then the problems with the skin have become much more, and to solve these problems you need a cosmetologist or a dermatologist that costs no little money. In addition, do not forget that for perfect skin you need daily care, which also costs money. We also have different days and situations, and we cannot always do these procedures. The skin immediately gives you its answer in the form of rashes or some irregularities. You should always be careful with alcohol, as it also provokes new pimples on your skin, as well as retains water in the body, resulting in you may be swollen. If you can remove the edema with a massage or patch, then you cannot get rid of pimples so quickly. If you apply a huge layer of toner or powder, it will look ugly and attract even more attention. In the photos, such methods look very noticeable. That is why in such cases, you will help Photoshop, which will make your skin naturally clean without a single rash and at the same time preserve its naturalness. 

Essential skills for your editing

Let’s be honest, almost every social network user has a skin retouching feature because we all love to look at the perfect picture. It should be recognized that this is already a certain addiction, which in some way raises our self-esteem. What you need for the perfect skin in the photo:

●      Download the app RetouchMe on your phone.

●      Select the photo which will be edited by professionals.

●      Choose proper tools for retouching: smooth the skin, remove wrinkles or moles, withdraw facial redness, etc.

●  Send your selected setting to our editors and they make it for you in 5 minutes.

Usually, editing apps on phones use cheap tools, which make your skin fake and everybody can mention this. It is important to trust your photo professionals who will be able to efficiently edit your photo.

In addition to the help of the photo editor, we can achieve perfect skin condition through regular care:

  1. The first thing you need at least once is to visit a beautician to tell you what type of skin you have and what cosmetics you need to use to maintain the perfect condition of your skin. These can be foams, gels, or milk for washing, as well as various scrubs, peelings, serums, creams, and tonics.
  2. If you have the opportunity — a great solution is a facial cleaning cosmetologist, which you need to do once a month and for someone once every 3 months, it depends on the type of your skin. If this is not possible — you can do skin cleansing at home, using steam and various masks.
  3. Do not forget about SPF, especially in summer. The skin on the face ages faster than anything else, and the sun speeds up the process. Sunscreen also protects you from various skin diseases as well as pigmentation.
  4. Water balance is one of the main key components of healthy skin.
  5. Nutrition plays the main role, because what we eat — shapes our health, and accordingly the condition of our skin.

If you follow all 5 points, you will have perfect and clear skin. The main thing is patience and regularity! Also for every day, it is advisable to buy not a toner, BB cream — is the best solution, which has a lighter texture and at the same time moisturizes your skin and hides redness. Such creams most often already come with protection from the sun, which protects your skin from ultraviolet light.

Smooth skin is no longer a problem

It is very easy to recognize the use of skin smoothing, as many people forget about the neck because they are not professionals and as a result, you can see Photoshop on photos at a glance. If you want to avoid this, you need to use high-quality editors. In addition to the fact that in the photo your color and skin should match, and in life too because it will look not very aesthetic if you have two different colors. So when you do makeup do not forget about the cleavage area, especially if you have it open. Moreover, do not forget to care for the neck, because it also ages very quickly.

It is not enough to delete just a few pimples, your skin should be flat and smooth without any roughness. It will not be very neat if you choose a fashionable image, unusual decoration, or bright and beautiful makeup, but at the same time, the photo shows all your skin flaws. There are cases when a person has unpleasant memories from the past in the form of burns on the face, but the editor will help you to solve this problem, making your skin perfect. The same story, for example, with a mole on his face that doesn’t look very aesthetic. Moreover, in addition to skin smoothing, you can familiarize yourself with a lot of other features in our app. Unfortunately, we do not yet have such a tool in real life, which is a few seconds will remove all our defects on the face and skin, so for the time being we can fix your face only digitally if it is urgently needed. If we talk about a long period of time, then you have the opportunity to daily monitor your skin — to clean and moisturize, as well as monitor your nutrition and water balance. The photo editor in this case will just help you to achieve the ideal you want to see in the photo. Also do not forget about facial massage, which will make your skin more fit and elastic, and will save you from shades, giving you the perfect features of the face without needless injections and facelifts. While you are young — do not refer to various surgical interventions, because they are still made for older people who already have skin problems. So do the daily care, and you’ll see results in just a couple of weeks.  

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