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Personalized Birth Announcements

Is It Time To Announce The Birth Of Your New Addition? These Personalized Birth Announcements Are Perfect!


Birth is one of the most precious, scary, and eye-opening occasions that can happen to someone.  You will work your way through all of the crazy times and yes, you will definitely make mistakes.  Mistakes are the only way you'll learn though, right?  Well, not when you're announcing the birth to loved ones.  You will want a reputable company to use for personalized announcements and Basic Invite is one of those.  Not only can you personalize the lettering to make it unique, but you can also choose between the many beautiful colors too.  There are so many ways to create an online birth announcement as special as your little bundle of joy.  So get ready to yell it from the mountain tops!

Personalized In Many Ways


Most custom birth announcements will let you add in names, birth weights, some colors, and so on.  However, when ordering from Basic Invite, you'll get to choose from over 180 colors.  Not to mention, they offer a printed sample of your invite/announcement so that you can see it completed before you decide to order.  Now let's talk about their gorgeous envelopes!

They have over 40 different colors of envelopes, which means that you can actually create one to match your announcement and/or invitation.  They offer the “peel and seal” envelope so it can be closed securely.  No worries about the contents falling out.  You also won't have to beat up your poor tongue by licking them! And the cute birth announcements , that are perfect for all to see your beautiful addition, to your family.

If you're interested, they offer foil cards in gold, silver, and rose gold.  You can also choose flat or raised.  As you can see, they have so many wonderful ways to create something completely unique.

Don't Know Addresses?


Basic Invite can help with this too.  They offer an address capturing service!  This allows customers to share links on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms.  What this does is request your friend's and family's addresses, which are then stored in the customer's account.  That's not the best part though because they give you recipient address printing at no extra cost!

Speaking of no extra cost, they're offering for a limited time a discount code for 15% off.  Simply use this coupon code 15FF51 and enjoy!

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