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The Cutest Family Owned Business Online


Discovering Placewares has been a dream come true for me. I never would have thought a company that sold furniture, would also sell decor, table wear, toys for children as well as dogs, and clothing wear! They are not like a big box store, because they are more personal, unique, and cultured. They are a small family owned business.


I really like their motto, because its “The Place Where There is a There There”. That means they encompass something for everyone. I was thinking that the best place to do your gift registry or wedding registry would be from Placewares. They have such beautiful designs and collections, that if my budget was unlimited, I would get everything from their store.

There There

They have beautiful seating, rugs and mats. They have pillows, blankets, vases, wall decor. You can also get clocks, technology gadgets, and even reading glasses! There are a myriad of dining and kitchen goods to add to your collection. If thats not enough, you can also buy some unique food items. Then there's books, apparels and toys!

One of my most favorite things to enjoy are candles. Placewares has the Wary Meyers collection of amazingly scented candles. I have the French rose and Oriental spices scented candle. It is absolutely heavenly.

Its infused scents include darjeeling, amber, wild poppies and Oriental spices. When lit, it gives me a sense that I am resting under a sky full of stars. The candle is composed of soy wax and can burn up to forty hours. However, it is recommended to burn it only two to three hours at a time for safety reasons. The candle is poured by hand inside a 6.7 ounce glass jar. The jar can get very hot, so be careful! The wick is cotton and you should trim the wick a fourth of an inch before each burn. All the Wary Meyers candles have fragrance oils that are phthalates-free.

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