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Playmobil Does It Again

Playmobil Is In A Class All On It's Own

I have granddaughters who love toys (of course), but they don't care what brand they are. They want them to be fun to play with and to not break after play. I've given them so many playthings and they're not all created equal! However, any time I receive a Playmobil toy I know it will be fun and last! Recently, they sent me their 1.2.3: Adventure Tower with Ice Cream Booth and Princess Magic: Rainbow Castle in the Clouds. These are both the perfect toys, especially for an 11 and 6-year-old. So let's start with the Ice Cream Booth!

1.2.3: Adventure Tower with Ice Cream Booth

This set will continually keep little ones busy not only with the cute characters but also with their imaginations. It includes 18 different pieces and even comes with a Ferris Wheel. That happens to be my granddaughter's favorite part about this set. Kids can sit the people inside and slowly turn the wheel around while they enjoy their ride. Imaginations will run wild!

This plentiful set also comes with a fun slide. The little characters get to laugh and giggle the whole way down. Children love these toys because they provide endless fun, but parents love them because they're sturdy and last! Let's be honest, kids aren't known for being gentle. Playmobil toys can outlast their tough way of playing.

Princess Magic: Rainbow Castle in the Clouds

This absolutely amazing kit includes 114 pieces that will mystify your kids. When you think of the word “imagination” this is what comes to mind! My granddaughters almost screamed when they saw it. I promise you that any child will exclaim with delight when seeing this. This set even comes with Pegasus, a sky swing, and a magical glowing rainbow flower. There's so much to see with this box of treasures.

The set not only comes with tons of fun playthings but what I love about it is how realistic it looks. Kids can actually imagine that they have the magic of the clouds inside their rooms. It even comes with a “magical” ring they can wear. If you're in the market for this please run and get this!

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