Now that the All-Star break is over, it is time to get down to the nitty gritty of the NBA season. In just a couple of short months it will be playoff time, and that means the perfect excuse to throw a party. We threw a number of parties for the playoffs last year, and we slowly learned what worked best when our friends came over. Thanks to those parties we came up with a number of rules which we now employ, that we want to share with you. 

If you are looking forward to throwing these parties once playoff time comes, here are some tips on doing so. 


Placing a Small Wager


We never really place a wager on the basketball but if you are with friends watching the same event, it is a really nice way to add some fun to proceedings. We use the same sportsbook each time as it has the best odds, you can see it here if you wish to follow in our footsteps. We keep the wagers very small of course, and make sure that everyone puts on something different. This is a really fun addition to watching the game.


Color Coded


More often than not there is only one or two fans of the teams which we are actually watching who come to the games, but that doesn’t mean that we cannot pick sides. In fact we encouraged all of our guests to pick the side that they wanted to win, and wear something which had those team’s colors on them. This just adds to a little feeling of rivalry during the party, which of course leads to a lot more fun. 


Simple Food


For our earlier parties we tried to go way to far with the food options, and to be honest it wasn’t really received that well. Additionally of course we had to put a huge amount of effort into preparing the meals. For the later parties we kept it super simple and aside from the usual chips and guac, we decided to stick to one meal type such as burgers, hot dogs or mac and cheese. The food went down far better this way and it was much easier to prepare. Naturally you should make sure that nobody has specific dietary requirements ahead of the party. 


Half Time Show


After the excitement of the first half, things can hit a bit of a lull, which is exactly why you should have some events planned for half time. We have conjured up all kinds of games such as mini-Olympics, playstation battles and even silly kids games like musical chairs. The point is that if you have something prepared ahead of time, you can really make sure that half time goes down well, and keeps the excitement going ahead of the second half. 


Follow these rules for your half time party and we are sure that you are all going to have a blast.

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