The Best Condiments To Use for Charcuterie

The Best Condiments To Use for Charcuterie

A charcuterie board should look and taste delicious. Don't forget to complement your display with spreads and dips after setting your various fruits, meats, and cheeses. There are multiple ways you can introduce textures and flavors through dips, and the pairing possibilities are endless. A unique benefit to offering several choices is the colorful presentation and overall aesthetic, which contribute significantly to how tasty the board appears.

Let's look at some of the best condiments to use for charcuterie and see how they pair!

Salsa Macha

Salsa Macha is a next-level condiment and is highly versatile. It's a combination of dried chiles, nuts, and garlic with various seasonings. As a result, there's a little kick and wonderful texture in every bite. Pair this with a cheese and cracker combination, or top a piece of fruit with it to bring together sweet and savory flavors. As you can see, there are many ways to use it.

Olive Tapenade

Olive tapenade has a flavor along the lines of basil pesto but is a little tangier. An olive tapenade is one of the best condiments to use for charcuterie because of its rich texture and depth in flavor. A couple of essential things to look out for are the pitted olives and the correct cut of anchovies.

For a unique mix, use a combination of olives. This way, you’ll pull many flavor notes rather than having just one. Olive tapenade goes well with a charcuterie board's bread and cheese selections.

Basil Pesto

A simple but unique flavor and an attractive green color make basil pesto a solid choice for your charcuterie board. You can make it at home easily with a food processor. It includes a combination of pine nuts, basil, olive oil, garlic, cheese, and salt. Pesto goes exceptionally well with meat and crackers.


A classic spread almost always offered on a charcuterie board is hummus. Many people prefer garlic hummus with freshly minced garlic. It pairs with all the board has to offer and is often the first to go. The smooth and creamy texture is key to perfect hummus, so if it has a chunky appearance, try processing it for a minute more.

Consider a few of these options when you prepare your next charcuterie board. Whether it's for a date night with someone special or a group of girlfriends, a good charcuterie will improve your time together!

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