The Main Benefits of Homeschooling

The Main Benefits of Homeschooling

Millions of families have enjoyed the many benefits of home education for generations. Recently, it has become a hot topic due to many families needing to provide at-home learning for their children during the pandemic. However, even after the need passes, we may see an increase in homeschooling just because some families may find it works well for them; but, homeschooling isn’t for everyone. If you are on the fence, unsure of whether or not it is right for you, consider some of the main benefits of homeschooling.

Time Together as a Family

You will never regret time with your child. Sure, there are days when you absolutely need a break. But in the long run, any extra time you have with your child is an opportunity to create closeness and memories.

When homeschooling, you get all the good parts of your child’s day—not just the early mornings and end of day crankies. You’ll be the one they turn to when they are upset, happy, or excited. As the parent teaching at home, you become the main influence in your child’s life and their go-to person for conversation and emotions.

If there are siblings in the home, homeschooling provides a chance for them to grow closer and create friendships that otherwise might not happen if they were in school. Once peers are introduced, it is hard for siblings to maintain that special friendship that will last a lifetime.

Make Your Own Schedule

Doing life on your own terms, including not adhering to someone else’s schedule, is a beautiful thing and one of the main benefits of homeschooling.

Think about it—when children are in school, you are a slave to the school’s schedule. As a homeschooling parent, you are able to create a schedule that suits you and your family. As you prepare for a homeschooling year ahead, keep in mind that learning at home doesn’t have to follow the same rigid schedule as the public school. You can be flexible!

Cater To Your Child’s Learning Style

We all have our own learning style. There are helpful books and tests out there to help you find your child’s particular learning style. Some styles are well suited for a school atmosphere and some are not. Rather than labeling a child with a learning problem, sometimes teaching them at home shows there is no problem with the child, but rather a problem fitting into one specific system.

Perhaps your child is high energy and can’t sit still. This is a problem at school for obvious reasons. At home, you can try different methods, such as reading while bouncing on an exercise ball. Or maybe your child is a hands-on learner and can’t retain information well when it reading from a book. You can choose a curriculum that is mainly hands-on projects to help children remember what they are learning. The possibilities are endless with curriculum choices and learning styles.

As you consider homeschooling, jot down your own pros and cons list to see if it is a good fit for your family. Nothing is perfect, but the benefits of homeschooling are something to be considered.

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