The Truth About Dollar Store Reading Glasses

Knowing when to invest in reading glasses is all a part of the vision game we play as we age. And while many will avoid dollar store reading glasses, it’s beneficial to understand their purpose and function. Here, we discuss the truth behind those spinning glasses-filled kiosks and why you may need to consider buying a pair.

The Options Are Endless

Once you make your way to the checkout line at the dollar store, you are warmly greeted by a spinning kiosk full of various styles of reading glasses. The unique options available are endless and allow wearers to mix, match, and customize their buying experience. You can try before you buy and ultimately purchase a few pairs that you really love to ensure you will wear them when necessary.

The Strength Matters

Before you grab just any pair, it’s vital to buy the correct strength reading glasses. Each pair of reading glasses will house a magnification specification, ranging from one to four, with a plug sign indicator. The higher the number, the higher the magnification.

If your vision is excellent, but you wish for a slightly enhanced scope, lean for a +1.00 magnification and vice versa. Once you find the most suitable strength for your lifestyle, you’re free to buy any over-the-counter readers that speak to your unique style.

You Don’t Need Poor Vision To Buy a Pair

Many believe that reading glasses only benefit those with vision impairments of any severity. But the reality is these glasses assist those with any vision range.

The primary objective of reading glasses is to magnify the print in front of you, and because there is a range of reading glasses from one to four, you can buy the strength that best suits your needs, even if you feel your vision is perfect. Furthermore, the older we get, the smaller prints become, and prescription glasses may not be feasible.

They Are Not the Same as Prescription Glasses

When prescription glasses are the best choice, reading glasses may fill the gaps. It’s wise to begin with reading glasses, given their unique accessibility ranges and cost-effectiveness, to see if these help your vision before taking on the expense of getting a prescription. Sometimes we only need temporary vision assistance, and an eye doctor would be unnecessary.

However, it’s essential to note that you should schedule an appointment with your eye doctor if you feel your vision worsening to ensure you’re on the right path.

As we peel back the layers about the truths of dollar store reading glasses, we can clearly see they benefit anyone, even those on a budget. It’s worth looking at that spinning kiosk, especially if you only need temporary magnification and not a full-blown prescription.

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