Tips for Staying Stylish Without Breaking the Bank

Keeping up with the latest fashion trends can be costly whether you want to keep your kids in the most stylish clothing or you're buying for yourself. Between paying the mortgage or rent and all the other bills, it's not easy to buy fashionable clothing when you're on a tight budget no matter who it's for.


A study conducted just before school started again for the 2021-2022 year found that spending for parents of school-aged children on clothing is an average of $843 per child, up by 19 percent over last year. Of course, that doesn't include what you'll need to spend on your own clothing. 


Fortunately, there are some great tips that can help you learn where the most fashionable yet affordable clothing can be found to keep you and your kids looking fabulous together. 

Head to the Back of the Store

Anytime you walk into a clothing store, head straight to the back. There may be some options on sale in the front but they usually aren't discounted significantly, perhaps 15 to 25 percent off, and are just there to draw you in.


But in the back of the store is where you'll find clearance deals, whether it's a kids' retailer or an upscale shop for adults. They're usually at least 50 percent off the original price and sometimes more.

Shop Online

Shopping for children's clothes online, or for your own, makes it far easier and faster to compare a wide range of options and find the best deals for the items you're looking for. Conduct a Google search to see if you can locate discount coupons and specials to save even more.


You'll be presented with far more choices than you would if you took the time to go to the mall, searching through every brick-and-mortar store and there's no waiting in line, spending money on the gas to get there, or trying to find a parking place.

Take Advantage of Consignment Shops and Other Stores With Gently-Used Clothing

There are many consignment shops and other clothing stores that offer items that are gently used. These are great places to find stylish children's clothing while saving a significant amount. You can even bring items in good condition they've outgrown to get cash or a credit towards clothes you buy in the store.


Just keep in mind they want clothing that's new or like-new – if they see what they like, they'll make you an offer that can be used toward a blowout clearance sale allowing you to purchase multiple outfits for a fraction of the price. Of course, you don't have to bring anything in to trade or sell, these stores also operate just like any retailer. Both on and offline there are many similar retailers for adults these days, allowing you to buy name-brand clothing or even rare vintage items that can make for some really fun outfits. 

Plan Ahead By Shopping Off-Season

Another great way to save is to buy clothing in the off-season as stores are eager to get rid of seasonal items so that they have room for the upcoming season, bringing the opportunity for steep discounts. That means buying summer clothing in the fall or winter, for example.


Of course, when buying for your kids, it can be difficult to tell what will fit. When picking up a pair of cute jeans shorts in December, your child probably won't wear them for months. That means always buying larger than what you think will be needed, especially if they're in the middle of a growth spurt. 




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