Understand how retail fuel service providers operate

There are many different brands of gas out there to make it pretty hard to choose the right one for you. While there are many consumers who prefer to use gas from their favorite fuel retailer, others think that there is no difference in the quality of the retail fuel services. The truth that there is a significant difference between branded gas stations and unbranded gas stations. This article explains how retail fuel service providers operate.


Branded gas stations 

Contrary to the popular belief that many gas consumers tend to think, the gas stations that you usually visit are not owned by the gas company that you see on their sign. There are some studies that indicate that the majority of convenience stores that sell gas are independently operated.


Quite often, the many stores that you visit are independently owned, meaning they are usually operated by a small management of the gas station company, or even by individuals. These stores are branded by a wide range of recognized fuel companies because they don’t have enough funding and resources needed to promote their stores under any other name. 


The good news is that branded gas stations can come with lots of benefits. Firstly, there is brand recognition and the backing of a huge corporation behind it. The truth is that you may not even be required to do advertising or marketing activities because there is a national brand that can handle many of these activities on your behalf. 


You can also have comfort knowing that you are using a trusted and well-known brand name. Think about this, there are many people who like to buy only well-known food brands or even medicine, though the off brand products can sometimes have the same ingredients. As you can see, there are also many consumers who support their gas brand of choice. This is the reason why it makes sense to have your gas station branded.  


Unbranded gas stations

You can also find some unbranded gas stations even though branded and independently owned gas stations take a larger share of the total fuel stations. The key difference between unbranded and branded gas stations is that gas that is sold from unbranded fuel stations doesn’t contain the additives that you can find in fuel from branded gas stations.  


It’s worth noting that some of these additives can help to maintain your vehicle’s engine. However, these additives may not increase the value of the gas as it simply enhances it. Fuel needs to meet some specific standards before it’s distributed to consumers. Hence, unbranded gas is also trustworthy as the branded gas. 


Since unbranded gas doesn’t have any additives, it usually runs cheaper than the branded fuel. Unbranded gas stations also have the option of using their fuel distributor.  


Regardless of the option you intend to take, it’s crucial to consider the benefits of the branded fuel and unbranded. Whatever decision you want to make, it needs to be based on the goals that you want to achieve.

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