Ways to Actually Promote A Webinar and Drive Registrations


Getting registrations for your webinar is now becoming challenging because of the many available options. It is not easy to convince individuals to allocate thirty minutes or an hour of their time to engage with you or lend you an eye and ear in your webinar. It is better to come up with an effective plan and have better promotions to drive registrations. Since most webinars are time-bound, it's crucial to find ways to give you more registrations in the shortest time. 


Here are some verified ways you can use to drive registrations to your webinar.

  1. Email Marketing to Enable Signups on Time

Email marketing has been in use since time immemorial to promote companies and their products. Its effectiveness seems not to end soon, and you can use it to drive registration to your webinar. Despite it being a moderate, slow process, there are ways you can speed it up and move fast registrations. You can incorporate three emails in your promotions, the first one being two weeks before the D-day, another one a week before, and the last one on a day before the final registration. It is essential to keep all emails exciting and engaging to avoid your audience getting bored over them. Each email can have its message and persuasive tone and must be creative. Ensure the emails you use to send your messages belong to a potential audience.

   2. Partnership Marketing Enables You to have a Wider Reach


Your partners may reach into areas you cannot do with your marketing and get you additional registrations. Why not use them? You can get partners who run the same business as yours, but not competitors, who can help push your strategy. Such partners may include software developers, review experts, marketing agencies, and much more. According to this good webinar software review, you can choose the best software for your webinar and work with its developers to promote your web conferencing. With these partners, you can run different promotions according to what they are good at. For example, if one partner is good at content marketing, you can let them promote your webinar through content while using others to run the SEO and other segments.

   3. Promote your Webinar through Social Media Sites

Social media has turned out to be one of the most excellent marketing tools for any business. You can use it to drive your webinar registration too. Since the normal posts and ads can take much longer than expected, you can boost your posts into paid ads to reach many people within a short time. The good thing about sponsored ads is that you can choose your target audience according to demographic information, skills, and job types to enable you to target the right audience for your webinar. Some of the best social media sites you can use include Twitter, LinkedIn, and also Facebook. It is even better to use social media marketing strategies, including adding images and videos and having engaging posts with your audience to drive registration quickly. There, you can answer any questions regarding your webinar, and you can give offers to the deserving audience to boost enrollment.

  4. Use Display Networks to Get Prospects

Other than social media advertising, you can use the sponsored Google ads to boost the registrations. With these ads, Google will help you deliver the message to anyone visiting the internet at strategic places, including in searches, emails, and when visiting popular sites such as YouTube. Google will only show the ads to the audience you have chosen and when relevant to the client. The ads can also help redirect clients to the webinar registration page, which eases the registration process.

  5. Your Sales Team Can Come in Handy

In your webinar promotion, you should not forget the assets you have – your sales team. Let them do the fieldwork, both physically and online and if possible, add some commissions for their efforts, including the registrations made above targets. Your sales teams know who is interested in the webinar and can do a better job than hiring a marketing agency. Ensure you give them all the details of your webinar and offer them an extra budget to enable fast registrations before the webinar day. Giving them incentives will see them going beyond their means to get as many registrations as possible.


Before starting the promotions, it's essential to have your plan ready and have a targeted audience. It is also crucial to get yourself the best platform that will help provide the best services possible. When you have another event, you won't have issues getting registrations since the audiences know how useful your webinars are. Put the above strategies in place, and you will get as many registrations as possible within a short time.



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