Who Is Considered a Military Family Member?

No matter which branch of the military they belong to—whether it’s the Army, Navy, or even the National Guard—when a service member signs up for duty, so does their family. It’s important to know who is considered a military family member because they’re eligible for certain benefits. And equally important is honoring the sacrifices that family made while their loved one was off fighting for our freedom.

Who Is Considered a Military Family Member?

To be considered a military family member, you must be an immediate family member, which means a mom, dad, sister, brother, spouse, or child of the person serving. These special relationships are interrupted when deployment is necessary, so the government offers benefits and opportunities to military family members.

What’s Considered a Military Family?

A military family has at least one member in the military. This can include a parent, child, or other dependent such as a spouse or grandparent. Military families face unique challenges because they’re often separated from one another due to military orders. With this type of lifestyle comes exceptional circumstances that are difficult for both a deployed member and those at home.

Support Systems

If you’re a military family member in need of assistance and you aren’t sure where to start, there are many systems in place to support you and your family. Some of these resources include:

  • Military family support programs
  • Military spouse and family support centers
  • Military family readiness groups
  • Military family financial assistance programs

Family Matters

Military families are diverse, and understanding who is considered a military family member is crucial. Spouses and partners may need more flexible work schedules so that they can care for children or elderly parents, while children will need access to health care and support when a parent is deployed. Military family housing is another integral part of military service, providing a place for military families to live while their loved ones are overseas serving the nation’s interests. Overall, these benefits mean less stress on everyone involved in military family life.

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