Guide to Creating a Capsule Maternity Wardrobe

Everyone likes to wear clothes that feel cozy, especially during pregnancy. The problem is that many individuals don’t love the idea of packing their wardrobes with maternity clothes since they will only wear those items for a handful of months. With this guide to creating a capsule maternity wardrobe, you can utilize the minimalist mindset to avoid overbuying apparel. 

Stick to the Basics

As you prepare to build your capsule maternity wardrobe, aim to buy basic pieces, such as the following:

  • Tank tops
  • T-shirts
  • Leggings
  • Maternity/nursing bras

When shopping for these items, stick to neutral and monochromatic colors, as they’re easier to pair with a variety of other items. By focusing on the basics and simple colors, you can create a wide range of outfits with just a few garments. 

Invest in Multi-Wearable Pieces

Multi-wearable pieces like jumpsuits and cardigans are versatile, comfy, and stylish. You’ll look great wearing this apparel to various functions, such as work, dinner dates, and baby showers. 

In addition, jumpsuits are great for expecting mothers because they make it easy to create layers. You can wear a long-sleeved shirt under your jumpsuit or add that cardigan over it to keep warm. It’s easy to tailor your layers to the level of formality you need to dress for. 

Consider Seasonality

Pregnancy is a long journey, and many women choose to wear their maternity apparel during the fourth trimester as their bodies heal. Rather than keep your focus on a single season, purchase apparel you can wear throughout the year. Likewise, consider how your baby bump will grow, and invest in draped attire you can wear through all stages of pregnancy. 

Set Apparel Limits

Another tip to create a capsule maternity wardrobe is to set apparel limits. Typically, this means owning around 20 to 30 pieces in total, with the majority likely being shirts and pants. You could also opt for a few jumpsuits, dresses, and cardigans, but the number of each item will depend on the type of apparel you like wearing most.

Stay True to You

Many women worry that they’ll need to sacrifice fashion for comfort during pregnancy, but that simply isn’t the case. When creating a capsule wardrobe, you can buy fewer items that suit your tastes and are higher in quality. Ultimately, you should invest in garments that make you feel beautiful—and comfortable—throughout your pregnancy. 

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