5 Tips for Planning an Outdoor Fall Wedding

Many of us consider autumn our favorite season because the temperatures are mild, and the changing leaves look beautiful. And when you plan your wedding, you want every detail to align with your vision of the perfect day. Seasonality plays a large role in this, especially if you want to get married outside. As you plan your special day, you’ll need to set a budget and pick a date, wedding apparel, venue, and decor. Delve into the top tips for planning an outdoor fall wedding.

Set a Budget

Before touring venues, browsing wedding apparel, or doing cake tastings, you’ll need to decide how much you want to spend on the big day. Keep in mind that fall is the most desired and expensive time to get married because of its natural beauty. Due to this, venues and vendors may have higher service charges, so you’ll need to set a higher budget or make sacrifices.

As you establish a budget with your partner, break down how you’ll spend your money. Typically, venue and catering take up most of the budget, followed by entertainment. Key areas like wedding apparel may take priority over decor based on your preferences.

Select a Date

The next tip for planning an outdoor fall wedding is to pick a date since autumn spans several months. Likewise, early, mid, and end of fall dates all provide a different look as the Earth transitions from summer to winter. Most couples tying the knot in fall say “I do” in September because the weather isn’t too hot or cold, and the leaves start changing color. October is also popular and offers the beautiful orange, yellow, and red leaves many of us imagine when we think about fall.

Select the Right Apparel

Take time to evaluate your apparel options based on styles for the season and key colors. For instance, when it comes to the groom and groomsmen, black is one of the best tuxedo color ideas for a stunning fall wedding. As far as bridesmaids go, shades like wisteria, burgundy, and rust look gorgeous.

Pick the Perfect Venue

The venue you select depends on your budget, the theme of the wedding, and personal preferences, so create a list of several locations to tour based on those factors. During venue tours, ask about rental packages such as catering, furniture, and decorations. While some venues have all that in their standard package, others charge extra for add-ons. You could also bring in your own external caterers – if, for example, you love Asian food, you might want to get someone like this company offering Japanese Food Catering in Los Angeles in to provide food on your special day. 

Decide on Decor

When you get married outside during autumn, strive to pick decor that accents the natural beauty rather than distracts from it. Many couples tying the knot in fall decorate the ceremony space with string lights, pumpkins, and some floral arrangements. As for colors, stick with shades of orange, red, yellow, and brown, as these tones are most popular for the fall.

Your space will be picturesque if you pick the perfect venue, apparel, and decor. Take your time to plan the perfect fall wedding so that it’s everything you’ve dreamed of!

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