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A Tiny Tour Bus

Playmobil Did It Again With The EverDreamerz Tour Bus! What Child Wouldn't Love To Get Lost In Their Imagination With This?

Wow! To say I felt ecstatic would be an understatement when Playmobil sent me their EverDreamerz Tour Bus.  You see, my 8-year-old granddaughter Isabella absolutely loves the Dreamerz dolls.  I'm not kidding when I say that's literally all she's played with since she received all 5 dolls in the series.  Ah, back to the bus.  This bus comes with so many accessories it's insane!  When I say a lot of pieces, I mean like 119 pieces to be precise.  The girls (EverDreamerz) are sure to break into the music scene, especially with the spontaneous concerts they can put on with their tour bus.  It can turn into a stage and comes with play lights and a microphone stand.  Not only that but if you don't have any of the dolls yet, this bus set comes with Starleen.  She's determined to be famous one day!

This Playmobil Tour Bus Is All About Following Your Dreams

What is the one lesson you'd love to teach your children?  Well, if I could guess, I would say at least one of the top 10 would be to follow their dreams.  Playmobil is all about that and then some.  These girls not only represent play toys, but they also give little girls and boys a way to live out a fantasy/dream that they may have.  The EverDreamerz girls are besties and they love to support one another to make it to the top, with each other.  We need more toys to help teach our kids about loving and helping one another.  Especially in this crazy culture when it's easier to push someone different away rather than trying to understand where they're coming from.

Putting It All Together

Let me just say that when I sat down to put all of the pieces to the tour bus together, I had no idea how detailed it would be!  As long as you use the instructions and be patient, you'll be able to get it done.  The small parts are what make it a little tedious, but it may be easier for you.

When you see the tiny hamburger, the small drink with a straw, a little clock, clothes, a little laptop (that opens and closes!), and more,  you'll get excited about giving this to your little loved one.  They will certainly appreciate all of those tiny pieces because that makes playing all the more fun.

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