How Have Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Been Applied to Health Care So Far?

The health care industry has been evolving throughout the years, and it has lately seen more activity in the blockchain scene. Blockchain has seeped into basically every industry we know right now such as marketing, gaming, and medicine. Many companies have been created to support different types of cryptocurrencies by using blockchain technology, and one of these is called Coinbase.

Coinbase is one of the most popular brands in the cryptocurrency industry. It operates two exchange platforms for two different types of users—Coinbase for beginners and Coinbase Pro for experts. Experts have to pay a set of Coinbase Pro fees in order to get the best possible price on their trades and access to larger levels of liquidity. It has a user-friendly interface, great customer service, sign-up promotions, and a diverse choice of over 40 coins. Coinbase Pro accounts can be funded through debit and credit banks, PayPal, ACH, and bank transfers in over 100 countries.

Look at how blockchain and cryptocurrency have helped the medical industry.

Blockchain has helped secure patient data.


Everyone's privacy is essential, especially when it comes to medical information. Medical information pertaining to a patient has to be stored with the utmost level of security and controlled access. This has become one of the most important applications for blockchain in the health care industry. Blockchain has the ability to store incorruptible and decentralized logs of patient data, and it provides completely secured transparency to protect sensitive, medical information. Some companies that are applying blockchain to health care security include Akiri, BurstIQ, Factom, and Medicalchain.

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Crypto has helped prevent costly mistakes.

The use of blockchain in the medical industry has prevented many costly mistakes. This is mainly due to the correction of miscommunication between medical professionals which has cost the health care industry $11 billion a year. A decentralized ecosystem that can store the patient's data can be promptly referenced by their medical health providers, hospitals, pharmacists, and anyone else involved in the patient’s medical procedures and treatments.

It has provided traceability and safety measures for drug supply chains.


Drug Supply chains have always been a cause for concern for patients. They may fear their medications could be coming from illegitimate sources, or that they may have been tampered with. By using blockchain, the pharmaceutical industry is obligated to guarantee full transparency every step of the way in the manufacturing process—from its origin until it reaches its consumer.

Crypto has expanded studies in genomics.

Lastly, crypto and blockchain have the potential to improve human health through genomics. Companies like 23andMe and are providing clients with DNA tests that help them understand their family history as well as medical history, and blockchain is a way to safely house this information for participants.

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