Insurance Companies Using Surveillance to Deny Workers’ Compensation Claims




Don’t Do Anything Against Your Restrictions


When there is a valid case of workers’ compensation, the insurance company has to continue to pay you for up to 500 weeks. There are many different ways that the insurance company can try to rip that award or that weekly check money away from you. One of the ways is to catch you doing something that is outside of your restrictions. And how do they do that? Through surveillance! A person hired by the insurance company follows you around to record you doing something that is explicitly against your restrictions.


The Act is Not Paranoia or Illegal


The surveillance does not cost anything to the insurance company, and this is not even paranoia. It’s perfectly legal! But, what's the big deal? It could cancel your claim! For example, you were specifically told in your restrictions by your doctor that you are not allowed to do any stair climbing. The insurance company put surveillance on you, followed you, and recorded you running up the flight of stairs! The company can show that video to the treating physician, and the doctor might feel that you lied during the functional capacity exam. You might be put to full duty again.


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The Footage Could be Used to Deny the Claim


One of the things the insurance company could do is show your footage to your treating doctor, and your treating doctor may get a little upset with you. They may release you to full duty for not following the restrictions, and you could have refrained from your benefits with undeniable proof. And there goes the rest of your case! Don't let that happen to you! Just be aware that it's possible that some are tracking all your moves, especially if you've been released to your permanent restrictions.


Consult a Workers’ Compensation Attorney


It's a critical time when you reach the end of your case, and you've thought for maximum medical improvement. You getting caught doing something you're not supposed to — on video — is a big red flag. You want to avoid that! Talk to an expert in the area — a workers’ compensation injury lawyer to give you better guidance on the same and other matters to safeguard your interests.


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