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Save Our Oceans!

Let's Save Our Oceans With These Cute, Little Stuffed Animals Plus More!

I used to drink lots of plastic bottles of water without a thought in the world, but thankfully, I've learned since then!  I've also used quite a few disposable straws too in my time, but not anymore.  So, what do stuffed animals have to do with saving our oceans?  Well, Shore Buddies is a wonderful company that creates these cute little critters out of recycled plastic bottles.  Obviously, this is a great way to teach kids how to keep plastic out of the oceans and save all of those amazing sea creatures!  They sent me Emma The Whale (she sings her authentic whale song when you push her belly), Finn The Dolphin Keychain (he sings too!), and Straw Buddy OneClickOpen Reusable Straw Set (4 clickable dolphin straws) along with a carrying pouch.

Oceans Are So Peaceful

I don't know about you, but when I'm in the presence of an ocean, I feel so peaceful.  When you think about how important this big pool of water is to our world, it makes you really appreciate it.  As a matter of fact, if we don't begin to watch what we are doing we are going to lose what we have.  I mean, it just won't be the same if we ignore it.  It's time to come together and fix what we've ruined.  The marine life that ends up choking because of plastic or just having to live in the trash is all because of us humans and that's unacceptable!  That's why I really like Shore Buddies.  Not only are they helping with recycling, but they even donate one dollar from every purchase to help all of the important marine life.  Well, they're all important!

Did you know that plastic takes up to 1,000 years to decompose?  Isn't that absolutely unimaginable?  I know when companies first began creating plastic, I'm sure they had no idea how much it could hurt the Earth.  However, every company needs to come up with alternative materials that don't hurt this big beautiful place we call home.  Imagine if we could all pitch in and do our part!  We could make this one of the best places to live, more than it already is.

Hopefully, you'll take this important opportunity to teach a child about recycling in a fun way.  Children can surprise us when they get passionate about certain things.  Plus, as they grow up, they'll take those passions and hopefully turn them into saving our oceans and Earth!

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