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They Make Jerky for Vegans? Yes, They Do!

If you're eating a vegan diet or are just trying to eat a healthier diet, it doesn't always mean you have to miss out on enjoyable food! The variety of available vegan food has improved in number and in quality a lot over recent years, including the meat substitute market. Most of us are familiar with veggie burgers. There's tons of options for those. But, how about a vegan form for beef jerky? Well, the market has something for that and it's called Vegky (for vegan jerky).

Vegan Jerky

Vegky is a shiitake mushroom vegan jerky. Shiitake mushrooms are nutritious and you can often find them in various meatless recipes. They have a certain texture that is utilized quite a bit in meat substitute recipes. And, now they're being utilized to create a fun jerky snack that you can enjoy!

The main reason I wanted to try them was because I had heard of the many health benefits of mushrooms. According to Vegky's website, “Shiitake mushrooms are nutritious and packed with countless health benefits. These range from boosting immunity system, anticancer compounds, antimicrobial properties to promoting skin, cardiovascular and skeletal health.” To me, that's an amazing vegetable!  And, if I can eat that kind of vegetable as a fun snack, I'm all for that!

Vegan Jerky 1

What are some other great things about their Original and Spicy Mushroom Jerky (these are the flavors I tried)? Both are:

  • 100% plant based,
  • non-GMO,
  • minimally processed,
  • free of cholesterol, and
  • a good source of fiber (6g per serving).

Vegky mushroom jerky comes in the following flavors: Original, Spicy, Pepper, Wasabi, and Curry. (I really want to try the Wasabi and Pepper.)

How Did the Taste Test Go?

So, I gave both types (Original and Spicy) to my family members without telling them it was vegan jerky. One person thought it was teriyaki beef jerky. Another person guessed deer jerky. Everyone seemed to enjoy it! We finished almost all of both bags in one evening.

I really like this Vegky product!  The texture is very similar to beef jerky (maybe a bit more fibrous, if that makes sense). And, the taste is delicious!! It kind of has that traditional smoky jerky flavor. However, these were a bit more with an Asian flavor. Both have a sweet undertone (like a teriyaki sauce sweetness). The Spicy is my favorite and the favorite of most of my family!

Give the Gift of Vegky!

Vegky would be a great gift for the foodie in your life! You could also include it in a fun food gift basket. I also highly recommend you try some for yourself! It really is delicious and it's a healthier snack, which is always nice!

You can purchase it from the Vegky website or find another online retailer here. You can purchase in bundles with the same flavor or a variety of flavors. On their website, you can even purchase with a “Subscribe and Deliver” option, which helps you to save money on your order. So, give them a try! I think you'll be surprised how yummy a vegan jerky can be!

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