Top Thoughtful Gifts You Can Give to Your Canna Mom Friend


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Every mom deserves to be celebrated. But mothers that use the cannabis plant often feel misunderstood and underappreciated. Despite the growth of online canna mom communities embracing cannabis use as a wellness tool in their parenting journey, the stigma is still there. 


Do you have a mom friend who is also a cannabis enthusiast? Some moms consume cannabis to help them through radiation and chemotherapy. Others use it to ease their anxiety and stay calm during stressful days. Whatever the reason for the consumption, your cannabis-loving mom friend needs your support as long as they do it consciously and responsibly. 


Express how much you care by sending her a heartwarming package to make her feel understood and acknowledged. Scroll down to see the top thoughtful gifts you can give to your canna mom friend on her birthday or any special occasion. 


Cannabis Edible Cookbook

Is your canna mom friend into baking, or is she still learning to do so? Giving her one of the best cannabis edible cookbooks is a perfect gesture of gratitude. From vegan to gluten-free and kosher options, they feature unique recipes like Spiced Superfood Truffles to Strawberry Jam Pavlovas that baking canna moms will surely love. 


Such cookbooks also contain dosage recommendations, and the science behind cannabis, allowing mothers to take their cannabis-infused cooking to a higher level. There are step-by-step instructions on making master base ingredients and amazing goodies for every meal. 


CBD Gummies

CBD gummies are an excellent gift for your canna mom friend with a range of strengths and flavors. These gummies are infused with CBD or cannabidiol, a natural substance that provides relief from pain, anxiety, and seizures. 


The CBD binds to the brain's serotonin receptors, making it easy to stay calm and cool even in stressful situations. Giving your cannabis-loving mom friend these gummies can help her have a good night's sleep and completely relax after a long day. It can also provide the extra boost of energy she needs. 


Hemp Flower CBD Cigarettes

Smoking is an excellent way to take the edge off a hectic day. Regular cigarettes, however, have the opposite effect on the body. Instead of de-stressing or relaxing, they can increase the heart rate and blood pressure.


Luckily for your canna mom friend, pure hemp flower CBD cigarettes offer a satisfying and smooth smoke. But unlike regular ones, they're free from tobacco and nicotine, so they have calming effects. They can be an incredible present for your canna mom friend who needs to smoke safely and remain functional. 


Topical CBD Cream

Every mom needs a good massage now and then. After getting one, it can help boost energy levels and calm the body and mind. While pampering them with a massage is a great idea, it's more thoughtful to give your canna mom friend a topical cream as a present. 


Infused with CBD, such cream comes with effective pain-soothing properties. It also has pleasant and cooling effects to relieve your cannabis-loving mom friend from body aches. The topical dose of CBD cream also helps alleviate anxiety and insomnia. 


Cannabis Logbook

A cannabis logbook is another wonderful gift you can give to your canna mom friend. With lovely, educational, and easy-to-use templates, it can help her track and experiment with which cannabis strains, methods, and strengths are best for her. Your canna mom friend can also use it as a journal to express her thoughts, personal experience, and usage of cannabis. 


Give the Best Present to Your Canna Mom Friend

A package of cannabis products will surely put a smile on your canna mom friend's face. But it's best to research cannabis use before sending them anything. Note that beyond the CBD gummies, cream, and book, making time to see her and listen to what she's going through will make a significant impact. 


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