Top Tips for Small Garden Design to Transform Your Space

If you have a small garden then you might assume that there is not a lot you can do to make your outdoor space feel unique or appealing.

Thankfully the opposite is true, and in fact smaller gardens offer even more opportunities for transformation and personalisation than larger plots.

To help you overhaul your small garden, here are a few design tips that will let you realize its untapped potential.


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Seating is essential

The smaller the garden, the more important it is to make sure that you have somewhere to sit and enjoy the space when the weather is fine. And of course you need to pay particular attention to the type of furniture you choose.

Dimensions matter a lot, so while you might want a vast rattan couch to accommodate a lot of people, you might be better off with a more flexible patio set. The garden furniture market has never been more filled with variety, so check out Livingcozy.com to see the kinds of products that are available for small and large gardens alike.

Verticality is your friend

If your garden has a compact footprint then clearly the horizontal axes are a limiting factor. Because of this, it makes sense to harness height rather than width when you are cooking up a compelling design.

Existing surfaces like fences and walls can be perfect for training climbing plants against, giving you a sense of scale that might otherwise be lost.

You can also benefit from adding things like hanging baskets and pergolas to create that verticality which will stop a small garden from seeming so dinky.

Colorful blooms are best

Small gardens often suffer from seeming dark and cramped, and might have more shady areas than larger counterparts.

You can address this and bring light and space by adding brightly colored flowers, preferably with yellows, pinks and pastel hues.

Deeper, richer colors might be your preference, but these will add to the darkness and intimacy of a small garden. Of course if this is the kind of atmosphere you want to create, then go for it!

Wildlife can be encouraged

Gardens are not just great places for chilling out and entertaining guests; they should also be made to be havens for birds, insects and critters of all shapes and sizes. This is entirely achievable in smaller gardens, and all you need to do is think about what aspects to add to attract animals.

From installing bird feeders to adding a bee hotel to a spare surface, you can even include a mini pond to promote amphibious life and increase the biodiversity of your garden. Picking native plants and trees which will sustain wildlife should also be a priority.

Pots make maintenance a breeze

Lots of people choose homes with small gardens on purpose, because they want to minimize the maintenance burden of keeping the space in a good condition.

You can still have a beautiful garden full of greenery and life without all of the back-breaking labor if you opt to use potted plants and even potted trees to fill the gaps and create aesthetic interest.

Aside from pots being simpler to keep in check, they are also capable of making your garden more flexible. Rearranging or removing plants altogether is super simple if they are in containers rather than planted in beds and borders.

Hopefully you now have a few design ideas that will let you take your small garden to the next level, and remember that experimentation and change should always be embraced, so do not be nervous about giving gardening a go.

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