Yummy Tina’s Vodka

I am so excited to have Tina’s vodka to drink. Never had I had something so smooth and delicious. This particular vodka is very clean, because it is distilled six times. It also is filtered through coconut shells.

Organic Corn

What makes Tina’s Vodka more special is that it is made with organic corn. Corn that is non-GMO. Amen to no pesticides! To me, I need purity and cleanliness in my valuable alcohol and this clearly delivers. 

I’d also like to mention that Tina’s Vodka is a partner to Kiss the Ground. They are the organization that actually helps make our soil and atmosphere better by drawing excess carbon dioxide back into the soil. That itself is praise worthy, because this benefits everyone!

The price point for Tina’s Vodka is amazing! It is very affordable and retails only at $30.99 or online for $35.00. Thank you to them for allowing us to not break the bank and still have exceptional vodka to drink.

Local Places in California where Tina’s Vodka can be purchased: 

Los Angeles: The Great Greek, The Roxy Theatre, Mercado Pasadena, Mercado Manhattan Beach, Mercado Hollywood, Mercado Los Angeles, Mercado Santa Monica, Yxta Los Angeles, On the Rox, The Rainbow Bar & Grill, Carmine’s Restaurant & Bar, The Novo, Vermont Hollywood, Bar Melody, and La Poubelle

Inland Empire: The Fox Pomona, The Green Room, Acerogami, Glass House, Fly Way, Wilson’s at the Riverside Food Lab, The Cantina at Eldorado Polo, The Tack Room Tavern, Polo Pizza, Il Corso Palm Desert, Skip's Little Bar, and RD RNNR

Santa Barbara: Santa Barbara Polo, Fieldside Grill, Zaytoon

San Diego: Quartyard, Music Box, The Roxy Encinitas, Tin Roof, Las Hadas, Reunion, Shout House, Costa Azul Coronado , and Homewood Suites Bayside

Ventura: Ventiki, Eric Ericson’s, and The Saloon

And Shops of: Bar Keeper in Silverlake, The Bottle Shop in Sierra Madre, Henry’s Liquor in Modesto, Primarily Wine & Spirits in Woodland Hills

Total Wine Stores in cities of: Roseville, Rancho Cucamonga, Brea, Redondo Beach, Thousand Oaks, Arden, Huntington Beach, Folsom, Palm Desert, Long Beach, Elk Grove

As well as Fremont, Woodland Hills, Pleasant Hill, Almaden Ranch, Pleasanton, Temecula, Daly City, Pasadena, Stevens Creek, San Mateo, Mission Valley, Carmel Mountain, and Monterey


If you choose to order online, you may do so at Greekazon. Shipping is just a flat rate of $8. That means you can order whatever quantity you need and it is still just $8 shipping! I’m so excited that it is very accessible to get a bottle.

They do not ship to Texas, however, there is a shop in El Paso where it can be picked up. That address is 8889 Gateway Blvd West Building C620 El Paso, TX 79925.

Find out more at Tina's and Vodka / Pinterest / Instagram / Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn Retailers Total Wine & More / Greekazon


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