All You Need To Know About Specialty Coffee

There is coffee and there is coffee, or so the saying goes and this short article provides you with some groundbreaking information about a new and exciting aspect of coffee, namely specialty coffee. This is generally accepted as the best quality coffee you can buy, typically using a single-origin coffee that is highly sought after. The term was first used in 1974 when a female journalist labelled highly prized coffee beans as ‘specialty’.

Accurate Coffee Grading

There is a scale from 1-100, where a score of 80 or above signifies specialty coffee. 80-85 is graded as ‘good’, while 86-90 is regarded as ‘excellent’, and 90-100 is classed as ‘outstanding’. The Specialty Coffee Association is the body that oversees coffee grading and they inspect every stage of the process from start to finish.

Three Main Principles

To be called specialty coffee, coffee must be hand-picked, scoring 80 or above. It must also have no more than a maximum of 5 defects per 350g (12 ounces). The great thing is กาแฟ คุณภาพดี is not hard to find online, Google can help you find a Thai specialty coffee supplier where you can order a selection of the very best coffee for special occasions.

Three Continents

The best band of land for growing specialty coffee is between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, with South America, Asia and Africa having the best beans. Panama Geisha is said to be the most expensive at $18,000 per kg.

Major Consumers

Australia and New Zealand are the largest consumers of specialty coffee. You won’t find much in North America, while Thailand also has a thriving specialty coffee community.

The People Involved In Specialty Coffee

Those involved in the growth, production, and delivery of specialty coffee, are listed below:

  • Coffee Farmer – His skills aid the beans to reach full maturity and for many, the bean farmer is the most important person in the chain. In the north of Thailand, there are a few of the best bean farmers in the world and they guard their prized crop.
  • Coffee Buyer – The best beans are reserved seasons in advance and the buyer sorts the beans, ready for roasting. They develop tasting notes that are used later and these buyers are the most knowledgeable when it comes to fine coffee.
  • Roaster – The coffee roaster is a highly skilled person, who is certified by SCA and approved to roast. The product needs to be carefully monitored during the complex roasting process and the expert gives it 100% of his attention.
  • Barista – This is the person who serves up the coffee, which has been meticulously prepared and served to perfection. Wealthy people drink nothing else and who could blame them? It takes many years to reach the pinnacle of this profession and it is super-competitive.

If you would like to sample เมล็ด กาแฟ specialty, check out one of the leading Thai coffee suppliers, where you can find a wide range of coffee and coffee-related products, all at affordable prices. You can also search online for ‘specialty coffee’ being sold near you. The online supplier is also likely to stock coffee-making equipment and a wide range of accessories, and you can buy them at trade prices.

This amazing product is perfect for special occasions when you want the very best of everything and there are Thai suppliers who have a great collection of specialty coffees. Tastes are incredible, so don’t delay, search online for a Thai supplier of specialty coffee and place an order and experience the best coffee that is found on our blue planet.

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