Beautiful Necklace For That Special Someone

If there's one thing a woman does have enough of is Jewelry, in this house, we have so much, and let's be real why when you can only wear so much at a time. I have been looking for that perfect piece that can go with anything and I found it this I Love You in Different Languages Necklace is the perfect necklace and the heart makes it all perfect,

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This year I was looking for something for myself, I wanted something that’s not too blingy to say. I like simple things, never been one to be flashy. I love the simple things and won't wear flashy, as you see this is a simple yet elegant piece of jewelry. You can wear it alone or together with other necklaces, I wear it with my other necklaces and they all look great together. Nothing like something so simple to make, you feel great. Me, I love simple things and when it comes to jewelry I love my silver locket, it has a picture of my parents so they are with me always.

This is a brilliant-cut Swarovski and in 24k gold inscribed, the words I love you in 12 different languages I love the heart design and the pretty cubic zirconia stones. The little details on the necklace really put it together. Makes it all worth it, I am so loving this and all the compliments I get about it. For something different, this is the necklace for you.


The chain is so dainty and thin and oh so feminine.  I happen to have a large neck, so I was afraid it would fit a little snug. But there's so much room that it doesn't feel like it's choking me at all. I simply love it, and to see the 12 different ways to say I love you is simply amazing.

Then after seeing the physical piece of jewelry, she will shriek with happiness when seeing the light shining through to reveal your real message.  So, give her the gift of love and show her you really care.

NanoStyle has an exceptional passion for jewelry- for the art, the fashion, and the unique meaning that every piece possesses for each individual. All of our jewelry is hand-picked and combines flawless craftsmanship with innovative and artistic designs.



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