Fun and Interactive Toys You Should Consider

Fun and Interactive Toys You Should Consider

The amount of time a baby or toddler spends with toys in their hands is significant. As they age, their developmental progression requires increased interactions with these toys. There are diverse options available on the market, from wood to plastic and everything in between. So, feel free to bring a variety of styles to their play space!

Here are some fun and interactive toys you should consider picking up that are timeless and offer various developmental benefits for your little one.

Building Blocks

One of the most classic and iconic toys you can offer a child is a set of building blocks. There is a strong possibility the set you grew up with will work, but if you can’t locate them, invest in a quality set with a high block count.

The assorted colors, shapes, and sizes help children explore their creativity and imagination while fostering independence. A way to help your child get better at building is to consider a set with many pieces that encourage them to find new solutions. These extensive block sets can contain anywhere from 50 to 100 blocks, depending on what you’re comfortable with.

A Wooden Rattle

Generally, a wooden rattle comes with a classic bell sound, which is soothing to a small child once they build up enough familiarity. When babies are learning to explore the different sounds of the world, a rattle is a fantastic way to understand cause and effect.

The shake of a rattle often features the ringing bell or the shifting sound of rice grains. As they grow into toddlerhood, this rattle can become a musical instrument for them to enjoy!

Large Dollhouses

Dollhouses are an excellent way to introduce a lot of texture to your child. Employing the hands of a craftsman who can create custom wooden dollhouses is a wonderful way to make an heirloom for the future.

Large dollhouses are one of the best ways to nurture a child’s mental and emotional development. Children often use their imagination to bring the home to life, which is excellent for building social and emotional skills and teaching them the function of a home.

A Balance Bike

Once your little one hits toddlerhood, you can introduce a variety of playthings that encourage more physical activity. A balance bike can enhance the gross motor skills from infancy and help them transition into learning how to ride a bike. Consider investing in one with a sturdy frame so that you know the toy is safe, durable, and can withstand the test of time.

Activity Centers

A simple but fun and interactive toy you should consider is an activity center. These are the perfect choice for those who don’t handle clutter well or have limited space. It’s an all-in-one plaything that provides sensory awareness, texture, and problem-solving skills.

It’s important to remember that your children will love and appreciate any toy you offer. Think of their age and developmental milestones when browsing the toy aisle and see how you can enhance their existing skills with more toy interaction.

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