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Weighted For Anxious Kids

Anxious Kids Can Use This Weighted Pillow – But It's Not An Ordinary One

Our world is going through a scary, worrying time and it causes people to be anxious. Kids are not immune to that problem either, especially after the pandemic. Many items can help anxiety such as weighted blankets, medications, etc. However, if I'm being honest, they're boring. Have you heard of Bumpas? It's this comfy, weighted pillow that has its own personality! I received mine and its name is Zeek. It's the hug you never knew you needed.

My oldest granddaughter has suffered from anxious thoughts since the pandemic. We've all tried to help her; she even saw a therapist for a while. Unfortunately, that is hard to overcome. When I got the Bumpas, I knew exactly who I wanted to give it to! The second she took it out of the package, she was excited. Zeek (the Bumpas) is the cutest pillow that hugs you back with his arms. It's perfectly weighted to give you a sense of comfort.

Zeek's little hands form a heart to show his unconditional love for you. One side shows his eyes open and closed on the opposite side. He's always watching out for you to keep you safe! His softness makes him wonderful to sleep with and hug all night. Zeek happens to be orange and blue, but if you like other color combinations there are many to choose from. If you have an anxious little one please go and check them out!

More Fun For Little Ones

If you want something small that you can take on the go then you may want their Weighted Plush Infinity Flipper Fidget Toys. They're perfectly sized for little hands and to fit into your bag or even a glove compartment. It's hard to explain exactly what they are but they're a round, plushy toy. Kids will love fidgeting with these and it'll help to calm them.

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