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Brilliant Way To Block Blue Lighting

No Longer Do You Need To Wear Glasses To Block Blue Lighting – This Is Brilliant

How long do you stare at your phone in a 24 hour period?  I know, you probably don't want to answer that…honestly at least.  I hate how attached my phone is to me, but since I have kids, I need to own one in case of emergencies.  So, we've all probably heard about the blue light that emits from our devices and obviously, it's not good for our eyes.  I've tried wearing the blue blocking glasses, but now I use my actual glasses to see, so that's not an option.  I have good news for us all to block the bad stuff because EyeJust has solved our problem!  They sent me their iPhone Blue Light Blocking Screen Protector and I'm so excited!  Now I can use my device without worrying about my eyes.  What a great gift this would make for a loved one.

Block Out The Bad Stuff

Blue light is kind of like looking at the sun.  Our eyes aren't good at at blocking the blue light on its own, which can be bad news for our retina, cornea, and lens.  Continued exposure over time can definitely damage the retina, causing vision problems, not to mention a host of other problems.  Not only could it damage the eyes, but if using your screen at bedtime, you can disrupt your sleep cycles.  If you value your sight (who doesn't?) then please consider getting yourself some of this technology.

Once I used my iPhone Screen Protector did it change the way the screen looked?  It absolutely does NOT change the color of the screen or any of the vibrant colors in videos, etc. Not only does it block blue light, but this is a screen protector, which means it protects against cracks and scratches.  I truly love this unique invention and I'll be recommending this to everyone!  I have always had issues with my sleep so I'll be conducting my own experiment.  I hope by using this protector it will at least improve my sleeping and give me relief against eye strain.

EyeJust offers screen protectors for all Apple products.  Such as iPhones, iPads, Mac Laptops, and even for the Nintendo Switch!

Now The Bad News

Unfortunately, EyeJust only offers blue blocking technology for Apple products.  However, they're always updating and looking for better ways to serve their customers.  I can bet it's only a matter of time before they offer Android protectors.  Happy Holidays to everyone!

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