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Heard Of Skinless Popcorn?

Have You Ever Heard Of Skinless Popcorn? I Hadn't Until I Got Some

When I heard skinless popcorn I honestly had no idea what it was.  I've heard of skinless chicken, but not popcorn, how about you?  Papa's Pops Skinless Popcorn makes a crazy popcorn without the skin or hull.  Hence, skinless popcorn.  My mom absolutely loves traditional popcorn but she can't eat it because of the hard kernels.  Well, now she can feast away because it doesn't bother her anymore.  I love that they have many different flavors!

When I buy regular popcorn from the stores you can only get a couple of flavors.  Buttered and plain are pretty much the only choices.  With Papa's you get quite a few unique flavors that everyone will absolutely love.

Skinless Popcorn With Crazy Flavor

Papa's sent me a box full of fun and adventurous flavors.  I was so excited to try them all!  My favorite would have to be honey mustard & onion.  However, the other flavors they sent are smoking bbq, sweet cinnamon, and creamy ranch, sweet & salty, and white cheddar.  The texture is kind of weird at first because it's like a styrofoam feel, but it tastes great.  I'm sure that sounds strange but I promise you would like it.  These bags of goodness make the best snacks ever.

Is It Healthy?

Well, to begin with, they're all non-GMO, gluten and nut-free.  There are no preservatives and absolutely zero cholesterol, which is great news!  Another wonderful thing about them is that they're kosher, vegan, and have no trans fat.  So, as you can see this skinless miracle is a great snack for anyone!  Heck, pour some in a sandwich bag and send it with the kids for an extra special addition to their lunch.

Instead of sitting there watching a movie at home picking out the kernels from your teeth, eat Papa's Pops Skinless Popcorn!  You won't be sorry that you did.  Happy Holidays!

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