Top Reasons To Use a Breast Pump for New Moms

Bringing a child into the world is a physically demanding process, and it requires some time to fully heal. However, even after your baby arrives, your body still needs to do what comes naturally to properly care for them. Breastfeeding is a beneficial way to ensure that your infant receives all the nutrients they need, but even this can be draining at times. Fortunately, there are tools on the market that can make this process more effective for you and your family. Here are some top reasons to use a breast pump as a new mom.

Latching Difficulties

In the case of newborns, it can sometimes be difficult for them to latch onto your nipple properly when trying to feed them. This could be uncomfortable for you, and it could prevent your child from getting as much milk as they need. Long-term latching problems can impact a baby’s health by limiting their weight gain and causing them to develop additional medical conditions. But with a breast pump, you can start practicing with a bottle much earlier. This is great for ensuring a proper latch and giving you the experience necessary to promote better latching in the future.

Better Supply and Planning

Having a breast pump available can also help you create a larger supply of milk for when you need it. After freshly expressing breast milk, you can store it in the fridge for approximately four days. This ensures that you always have some should you struggle to produce milk for a day or should your baby fail to latch properly. With the ability to keep milk on hand, you can even plan your day around feedings. Just make sure you label each bottle with an expressing date so that you know how good it is.

Feeding Flexibility

Another top reason to use a breast pump for new moms is the amount of feeding flexibility it provides. With a bottle of milk at the ready, you can feed your child at any time during the day or night. No more looking for private places out in public to breastfeed or sitting there for several minutes trying to get them to latch. This way, you can get them the nutrients they need right away, and you can get back to other parts of your routine.

Improved Overall Comfort

A breast pump can improve your overall post-partum comfort as well. Many mothers experience excessive milk production, which can cause their breasts to become engorged, swollen, and tender. Being able to express milk regularly relieves this pressure. Just make sure that you find the right breast pump for your specific needs.

When it comes to keeping your baby fed and healthy, a breast pump could be just the tool you need to make the process work better for you. These devices change the lives of thousands of new moms every day, and they could do the same for you. So ask your doctor about whether it would work for you.

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