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A Great H2O Workout

This Amazing System Has Everything Needed For A Great H2O Workout

Have you ever taken water aerobics or other classes that take place in good old H2O?  I have, but I've always felt weird in front of a bunch of people.  That's one of the reasons why I really like this system from Fluid Running.  It has everything I need plus I can do it all by myself.  It comes with an app that will gently guide you through the entire workout!  Oh, did I mention that it also comes with a pair of quality waterproof earbuds?  I have listened to the workouts and learned the proper ways to move my legs while in the water.  Now I just have to find a pool.

It's Like Running In On Air, But You're Suspended In H2O

I'm sure you've done some kind of “doggie paddle” while in the water.  Whether that be when you were young or recently.  Well, since this system comes with a flotation belt and a tether that you can connect to a ladder or lane line, you don't have to doggie paddle anymore!  It's almost the same movement, but instead you visualize that you're walking/running while being held in the air.  It is so freeing and feels so amazing.  The audio workouts will guide you through everything and make it so easy.

What Is Included In The System

The Fluid Running H2Go System and Digital Bundle includes instructional videos, 4 Fluid Running audio workouts, a flotation belt, a waterproof BlueTooth headset, and a tether to keep you in place.  When you are in the pool, you will want to make sure that you are in water that is deep enough so your feet do not touch the bottom.  Your legs need to be hanging and floating in order for the workouts to work.  You will not need to take your smartphone in the water with you, it just needs to be nearby.

This system is a great cardiovascular workout while being gentle on your joints.  Instead of knocking your knees while running/walking on concrete, the water will protect your joints and your body will move smoothly.  There is no better way of exercising (in my opinion) regardless of whether you're a beginner (like me) or an expert.  This system would make a great Father's Day gift too!

A small note on the size of the flotation belt: I am a size 2 to 3X and the belt fit me perfectly.  However, it didn't go much bigger than that.  It is supposed to fit you snug, which it did.  As you can see from the pictures, I'm a big girl.  I can't wait to use this system!

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