Simple Tricks That May Help Induce Labor at Home

For those who are currently expecting or have delivered kids before, it’s common knowledge that the last month of pregnancy feels like the entire nine months. Everything grows larger, rounder, and heavier, but the one thing that shrinks the most is a mother’s patience.

While the baby is on its timeline, the mother may be ready to go. Here are some simple tricks that may help induce labor at home without harming you or your baby. It’s essential to note that this is not medical advice and to always speak with your physician first.

Light Exercise

Finding the motivation to move your body feels like the biggest challenge when you are eight or more months pregnant. But something that can help propel you into the early stages of labor is light exercise.

Walking around the neighborhood, exploring the mall, or even taking a few miles on the treadmill can help increase your heart rate and assist the baby in dropping into the pelvic pocket. All it takes is one single shift to trigger labor.


You may find acupuncture therapeutic even when you’re not pregnant, but it can also help relieve the tension within the nervous system while you are expecting.

Consider having a professional acupuncturist come to your home and perform a session. If they can’t perform in-home visits, have a partner take you to their office just in case your water breaks at the end of the session.

Castor Oil

There is a lot of debate around drinking castor oil. When you consume the smallest amount, you can stimulate the release of prostaglandin, which helps soften and open the cervix and can trigger labor. It’s essential to consume only one to two ounces of castor oil so that you don’t overdo it. Always consult with your physician before consuming any castor oil.

Eating Dates

In some cultures and holistic medicine practices, expecting parents eat dates late in the pregnancy to create a smoother descent for the baby. If you’re at your wits-end with the pregnancy and have reached full term, try eating just a few dates daily to help your cervix and decrease your chances of needing Pitocin.


Remember that not every trick to induce labor at home is successful, and only specific methods work for some mothers. Your doctor may suggest breaking your water artificially or stripping your membranes and letting labor come in slowly. Regardless of how you approach labor and delivery, we wish you the best of luck. Congratulations on your new bundle of joy!

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